Treasures at the MOT - Feb. 2008
By Fred Blank

American Steel Foundries # 8 - Whitcomb 1948

The Whitcomb Locomotive Company of Rochelle, IL built this 65-ton industrial switcher, model 65-DE-17-A.  It has a B-B classification and cost $49,775.  It was built with two Hercules, 4-cycle, 6 cylinder diesel engines that each produced 240 HP, for a total of 480 HP.  They were replaced with 200 HP Cummins engines, giving it 400 HP.  Number 8 is 36' 6 ½ "  long, weights 130,000 lbs., and has a top speed of 41 mph.  The lower couplers are ¼-sized and are required by small, low level cars used to haul raw materials and steel ingots around the blast furnaces.

It was donated in 1980 by American Steel Foundries.

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